Words to Read

Please feel to free to enjoy this small selection of my stories. Click the titles for more.

The uncomfortable truth about art. This story is a lie.

Calan Mai
A story about a teenagers first day out in a new town. Set in Wales.

Flash fiction about work.

The Crow Fishers of Niedersachsen
A short piece inspired by northern European folklore and the low countries.

This Creature, This Creature, This Wonderful Creature
A piece of flash fiction in audio form on the addictive qualities of the numinous, or perhaps the numinosity of addiction.

There are many problems with the manner in which we communicate with one another. This story looks at one of them.

For What is Sweet, and What is Right
My tribute to the great poet of the First World War Wilfred Owen. This was inspired by his poem Dulce et Decorum est and was written on the anniversary of the war’s outbreak.

And the Filth Flows …Always
A story about awareness, inter-connectivity, work, and society. And goo.

Men of the City
A dark fantasy of a world that is quite unlike our own. For the most part.