A(W) Baader

A(W), Andy, Baader was born in South Wales what feels like a very long time ago. There, in a small town which masquerades as a city, he developed a love for punk rock, dark fiction & film, and all manner of other strangeness. After spending a decade or so travelling around the UK, with the odd foray into Europe, he settled in Scotland where he studied all things eldritch and ancient. Once he had attained an MA in Archaeology he decided to move to Europe where that MA was even more useless than in the UK. He now lives in the city of Bremen in northern Germany where he complains incessantly about being a Landscape Archaeologist in an area that makes the Netherlands look like the bloody Himalayas and tries not to drink too much of the cheap good beer that is available everywhere.

At some point he decided that it would be a good idea to try and become a writer. Some of the results of this decision can be found on this website as well as  in a few other places dotted along the Information Superhighway. He doesn’t own a cat, only occasionally has a beard, and rarely types in his underwear. This leads many to doubt his commitment to the craft.

Anti-Social Media

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