Full disclosure: I think that it’s a really good idea if working class people have the training to be able to punch their class enemies in the face really, really hard.

A pal of mine, the ugly one in the middle in the picture below, runs an MMA gym here in Bremen. It’s a really cool project that seeks to empower and train working class people that sits firmly in the tradition of the London anarchist Albert Meltzer. They even have a “solidarity tariff” which allows those who can’t afford it to be able to train there. Awesome sauce.

Most of those I mixed with in the boxing world were on the left, because the natural enemy was the upper middle class from which the fascists then came
-Albert Meltzer, I Couldn’t Paint Golden Angels

Naturally because of the Corona Pandemic, and capitalism’s complete inability to deal with such things, the gym has run into financial woes. I think that the gym is a really important project and so I would ask that, if you can afford it, please bung them a couple of quid/dollars/whatevers to help them keep afloat. They need to raise € 25,000 which sounds like a lot but if a lot of us chip in a  little then it will soon add up. They’re nearly half way there so please dig deep and help working class people kick arse. 🙂

Click Here
to throw a bit of solidarity towards Bremen
(Edited to add. It’s in German naturally. Your’re clever enough to figure it out though I’m sure)

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