Wow, that protest in Berlin is pretty nutty eh? 22,000 or so bell-ends from all over have descended on Berlin to protest against the minor discomfort of wearing a mask when you have to pop into the Rewe to pick up some bratwurst. There’s nothing really special about the Berlin demo, aside perhaps from its size, as these things have been happening all over the shop. But I thought that I’d point something out to those of you unfamiliar with some of the flags being flown on the demo. That’s right, it’s time for FUN WITH FLAGS!

If you happen to have seen the flag below popping up on the news from Berlin then know this. This is the flag of the German Empire, and before that the Northern German Confederation, which was in use until 1919. It seems odd that an historic flag such as this should show up on a demonstration against the human indignity of a minor discomfort doesn’t it?

Well, you see, way back when there were a bunch of super bad people living in Germany and they had a favourite flag. You’ve probably seen it here and there. Well, these people were so super bad that the rest of the Germans, you know the normal ones that eat cheese and wear cardigans and so on, eventually made it illegal to fly this flag. So these very bad people had to find another flag to fly when they were trying to be super fun ruiners. They chose this flag.

So, when you see the black, white, and, red being flown like this know that the person flying it is suuuper bad and you should probably punch them or something and tell them to go home. If that wasn’t clear. They’re Nazis. The only people that fly this flag are actual Nazis and deserve punched.

Another weird/not weird thing that I spotted on this demo were the specimens below.

That’s right, Germany has Q-Anons.

Like what the literal fuck is going on in this picture? A Nazi flag, with Dog-Emperor Trump being held up by a fella who is most definitely of a hue that would not be too popular with the rest of the Nazi fucks flying this flag. Jesus Christ, go home 2020, you’re drunk.

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