OK, so bear with me on this.

We know that C-19 targets the old and the unwell. Especially the old and unwell. We also know that a great many of the voters for the Conservative Party in the UK, and right wing parties elsewhere, fit into the older demographic. So why is it that Boris Johnson seems prepared to lose so many of them to this virus? I mean, it’s going to tank their vote so why risk it?

I have the answer!

One of the major problems facing developed economies is that the population is ageing. We are living longer and we’re having fewer babies. This means that as workers age out of the workplace they aren’t replaced with new tax payers. It also means that there aren’t enough people to work in the care industry to look after the ageing populace. Now, this could be dealt with through immigration but far too many old people, especially Tory voting old people, only like to have their arses wiped by someone with the same silly accent as them. Probably something to do with pride, I dunno, I don’t really get it. So that’s a no-no.

SO, the simple solution is to create a virus that a- mostly targets the older generation and b-allows you to enforce a policy that requires most of the population to stay at home.

This allows you to wipe out most of the old people who are, for the most part, just a drain on public resources whilst at the same time guaranteeing that in 9 months time there’s a whole new generation of little tax payers popping up all over the economy.


Of course, this is absolute nonsense. Not because the powers that be aren’t heartless Machiavellian monsters that would probably be eating children if they weren’t so attached to fucking them. They clearly are monsters. No, it’s absurd because they can’t think that far ahead. Capitalism seeks short term profit. The goal is always profit in the next quarter or financial year. To enact a plan that won’t see any results for another 15+ years is anathema to capitalism.

Which is why we need to destroy it and replace it with something nicer.

It’s also why, with regards climate change, we’re as fucked as a working class kid at a bourgeois birthday party.

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