I’ve been working on an excavation in an old graveyard recently (yes, my life is occasionally a horror story) and, surprisingly, we’ve found a fuck ton of dead bodies. Weird eh? We’re right in the centre of a small town (I can’t say exactly where as the local authorities get weird about that sort of thing) and so the excavation has become a focus of fascination for some of the locals. Nearly every day we get people walking on to the site to have a butcher’s at the long dead and absolutely every day we have bucket loads of kids coming past trying to gawk through the fences at the skeletons.

Harmless enough we thought and then imagine our surprise when we arrived at work yesterday morning to find this next to one of the (covered up I hasten to add!) skeletons.

Our only explanation is that some of the local wains decided to take it upon themselves to make sure that the disturbed dead didn’t rise again to cause havoc in the village. For which I really have to commend them for their bravery! However it seems that, having armed themselves with the traditional tools of the vampire hunter, they snuck under cover of darkness into the graveyard and, upon drawing back the covering from the ancient dead they… squealed and ran away. XD

Bless their cottons. Hahahaha. This has to be the funnest example of an archaeological excavation being disturbed. Normally it’s just thieving bastards with metal detectors.

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