So, a while ago I fancied reading The Great God Pan by Arthur Machen but didn’t want to buy a whole collection. So I found a cheapo version on Amazon. I think I paid about €7 or so for it. When it arrived I was rather disappointed at the quality. I mean, I know it was cheap but still, what with the ease of Print on Demand publishing there’s no excuse for something looking so naff as this did. A really cheap looking glossy cover, an absolutely tiny font, horribly smooth paper & so on.

This got me to thinking. I rather enjoy messing around with desktop publishing tools, after all I do self publish my own books, so why don’t I put together some classic horror stories in cheap yet nicely produced editions. So I did. I just received the first bunch of proofs in the post today. There are a few issues with the covers & one or two tweaks with the layout that I wish to make, but aside from that I think they look pretty dandy. Feast thine eyes. 🙂

They all have a nice matte cover, soft paper, & a decent size font. All in all I think they would look great on people’s book shelves & make great gifts for people who you are trying to turn onto a particular author. I haven’t finalized the pricing as yet but I’m going to mark them up as £/$/€1 on the cost price. So they should be cheap as chips.

So far I have plans to publish A series of Lovecraft books, obviously, as well as everything by Arthur Machen (when it enters the public domain on 01/01/18), & a number of other 19th Century & early 20th Century authors. You can see Robert W Chamber King in YellowCarmilla by J. Sheridan Le Fanu in the pic above.

So, what do you think? 🙂

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