Sheiße & Saturdays

Sheiße & Saturdays

I’m settling down right now to watch the latest instalment in the British blockbuster of political theatre; Brexit of Bollocks – A Song of Sheiße and Saturdays. Having been an avid follower of this debacle of drama since season one: The Big Vote – What the Fuck Did You Think Was Going to Happen???

Way back in 2016 I was pretty confident that the referendum result was going to be for Leave. A mixture of decades of anti-EU sentiment peddled by the media, a desire to tell the political class to go and fuck themselves following years of the economy being in the gutter, and good old British Bigotry, made it a sure thing. I was pretty pissed off to be proven right but not really surprised.

As the drama following season one’s predictable conclusion unfolded over season after season I was always pretty confident in how each new chapter was going to end. I was, for the most part, right every time. With a cast of characters as inept as this it was always quite clear that a mix of self interest, clumsy and obvious politiking, and general fuck wittery would ensure that drama and farce would never tip over into tragedy. But then they sent in the clown and my confident belief in the bumbling incapability of the British political class was rather dented.

It was dented not because I thought that the clown was in some way a superior politician to the rest of the sorry bunch but rather that their sheer imbecility and/or self interest would ensure that some of them would be likely to vote for the deal brought back by the floppy haired flaccid fool. Because some of them don’t have the political nous of a drunken Oxbridge student debater and wouldn’t realise, or care, that Rambojo is clearly planning on getting this vote passed and then tanking the negotiations a year or two down the line. Why else would the headbangers of the European Research Club have done an about face in order to vote for what is essentially Theresa “Evil Anglepoise Lamp” May’s deal?

So, for the first time in ages, I’m feeling supremely pessimistic today. Hopefully I’ll be ok with regards staying in Germany and off that fucking island but for everyone else that matters there it really fucking blows. Getting this through will mean the Tories take the wind out of Farage’s sails (which is why he’s opposed) and win back Tory votes whilst also driving Remain voters to the Lib Dems, effectively further splitting the ‘opposition’. Which means handing the key’s to the kingdom to the worst bunch of cunts possible. Which was exactly what I said would happen in the run up to the Referendum in 2016. Le sigh,

Still, there’s always one way we can get a good result today…

Under Siege

Under Siege

Having been in Germany for a little over a year now it’s been, surprisingly, a little over a year since I’ve watched the UK news. I get some news from the UK via my news feed but I haven’t watched the BBC news since some time in the summer of 2016. This hasn’t really bothered me as, tbh, I don’t really care any more what’s happening there.

A few weeks ago I signed up for a VPN (Private Internet Access – cheap as chips and pretty reliable) so as to be able to do the whole web surfing thing anonymously after getting a bit freaked out by quite how much data I have unwittingly given away about myself. I recently set up another Facebook account using an email address which has no connection to any of my previous digital activities yet some of the friend suggestions were downright spooky.

I digress.

So, I got up at an obnoxiously early time this morning to get ready for work (9a.m. start-2a.m. finish, yay!) and decided I would use the VPN to watch BBC News on the iPlayer. Now the BBC has always been a right wing shite station. Something that makes right wingers bleating about it being ‘Marxist’ absolutely hilarious. But I was taken slightly aback about an article on people fleeing Albania and trying to reach the UK via the Basque port of Bilbao. It was the way that the newscasters referred to the upcoming story that got me. “Coming up we’ll have more on that new potential migrant route into the UK”.

…”potential migrant route into”… The way that sounds makes it seem as though Britain is under siege by hordes of ‘migrants’ trying desperately to breach her defenses. As though ‘migrant routes’ are cropping up as quickly as her brave border forces can put them down. There’s an insinuation in the wording that Britain is closed. That there are no routes in other than through nefarious mean.

Damn, I fucking hate that place. Provincial and deluded about its place in the world. Urgh. The UK should be glad that anyone wants to come to the island at the moment. Then again, I suppose some people may find Morris Dancing and goose juggling to be entertaining.

Time for work. Urgh. Again.