A half thought out rant Corona Capitalism Yeah, this is a right old shit show isn’t it? Cities on lock down, all “non-essential” activity restricted, borders closed, hell even the brothels and bars are closed. In Germany! Oh yeah, and thousands are sick and dead. But we have to rememberContinue Reading

I’ve been living in Germany for a little over three years now and, language aside, I think I’ve adapted pretty well to the place. It’s a lot more chilled out than the UK that’s for sure. There are however some things that I think I’ll never stop finding amusing and/orContinue Reading

They’re a bunch of fucking bellends aren’t they? Just look at them. Slack jawed fuckwits. I know the EU is a load of shite but you think that the actual reasons it’s a sack of shit are why any of these gawking morons are celebrating? God I’m glad I’m notContinue Reading

Many moons ago I lived on a traveller site in South Yorkshire and made some fantastic friends there. Sadly some of those friends are no longer with us. One of those was the absolutely lovely Matty Dread. Matty introduced me to some fantastic music and had some fantastic stories. ThisContinue Reading

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I’ve been looking for a copy of this wee comic for years. It’s by the fantastic Pete Loveday and describes the day that we shut down the financial heart of London for a day, had fist fights with mass murderers… I mean bankers and traders, fought running battles with police,Continue Reading

Having been in Germany for a little over a year now it’s been, surprisingly, a little over a year since I’ve watched the UK news. I get some news from the UK via my news feed but I haven’t watched the BBC news since some time in the summer ofContinue Reading